The software quality assurance and testing segment was created out of the need to ensure that the application provided to a client operated according to requirements and was free of bugs. Though this segment has been around for decades, few analysts and development firms have paid much attention to the emerging market, until quite recently. In this article we will discuss the new employment potential facilitated by this emerging segment.

The Importance of Quality Assurance and Testing in Software Development

The need for companies to deploy software tools for maintaining competitiveness and enhancing productivity has propelled growth in the software development industry over most of the past decade. But as the complexity of applications increased, the possibility of bugs and boilerplate code in the new applications has also increased. To ensure that such bugs and unnecessary codes are identified and resolved in a timely manner, the industry has developed a range of Quality Assurance and Testing practices. The implementation of these practices was the cornerstone for development of the specialized field of software testing within the industry.

The concept of testing in itself is nothing new and game designers have found it necessary to test their games at special pre-release events to ensure that they would click with the intended audience. But often such testing was carried out by the designers themselves or by gamers who had little and often no knowledge of computer codes. This format of testing was often quite inefficient and often caused delays in launching of the new software. The present-day specialized field of software testing developed out of a need to expedite the development process by decreasing the overall time to market for new software.

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