Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia (EA) is a well-known professional organization and plays a vital role in the evolution of engineering in Australia. The aim of the organization is to nurture and support engineering excellence. Engineers Australia has been the powerhouse to drive the industry forward. We will provide you with the story behind, the missions, the value and the contribution, membership benefits, professional accreditation in this article. Moreover, Events, Professional Development, Advocacy, and Outreaching of Engineers Australia will be brief as well.

History and Impact

Founded in 1919, Engineers Australia has gained lots of achievements in the following century. It had defined the standards of professionals, advocating for engineering advancement and contribute to infrastructure and technology development. The contribution has been widely known and affected not only in an Engineering sector but across society. The combination of innovation and sustainability also impact on social.

Membership Benefits and Categories

In order to cater for the individuals’ need at every move within their career, Engineers Australia has established several groups. The groups begin from Student’s Membership, Graduate, Professional and ends with Fellow. Along with the memberships, the benefits follow after. Networking opportunities, professional development resources and many specific industry-known resources are the benefits each member own. When joining with Engineers Australia is an easy move, read this article step by step so you will never miss a chance to involve in the prestigious community.

Accreditation and Standards

Accreditation plays an essential role in maintaining engineering’s standard within Australia. By thoroughly reviewing engineering programs and accrediting graduate’s ability, Engineers Australia can minimize the possibilities for inadequate engineers to enter the industry. Up to that, the feature always stands on the reliable and quality engineering education in recent years.

Professional Development and Learning

Professional Development is always the key in a career, especially in Engineers Career. There are several methods in developing skills and knowledge provided by Engineers Australia. Workshops, Seminars or Online Courses are only a few from the long list. Volume knowledge always up to the latest trends and changes. Setting a new professional or technological standard is only an example of joining Technical Society or Special interest group. Attend the short courses and access to countless of practical information without mistakes by the series of information that you obtained.

Events and Networking

Events in EngAust has ranged from the major conference to the Webinar, the recent hot topic in Engineering Field. Engineers Australia has taken responsibilities for all members and even non-members who are engineers to have a chance to connect to the top industry leader, share the success and even the sharing information between each other. By joining numerous events, this not only expands your relationship but also your own knowledge and experience, both field working and general working.

Advocacy and Policy influence

One of the most famous parts of Engineers Australia must be Advocacy. To become an Institute well-known and becoming an impactful organization, manipulating policy and advocacy is the only method to drive Engineering Australia to this success. Engineers Australia obviously does it well, since their job is always making a change and more social positive impact.

Resources and Publications

Each paper in the Engineering field or the latest trend and legislation by famous engineering owners or figures are always published by Engineers Australia. It awards Engineers Australia with the reliable source of information and practitioner with engineers. Thus, Engineering students are always expected to receive course and knowledge from this network.

Careers and Job Market Insights

To handle your configurations in careers and job market after your graduation or your next level in a career or even a change in the career, Engineers Australia could afford you resources and offers.

Community and Outreach

Community engagement and education in Engineers Australia is considered as the most important role in the wide aspect. Teaching engineering humanity, Engineers Australia truly opens the door to promote diversity and women in engineering. With all programs, youngsters, especially girls will have a new look in Engineering in Australia and finally a successful engineering career.

How to Get Involved with Engineers Australia

As the profession’s peak body, Engineers Australia is the trusted voice of engineering, in Australia and overseas. When you become a member, you’re joining a global family of around 120,000 engineering professionals.

To be eligible for full membership you need to have completed an accredited or recognised engineering qualification, plus relevant work experience in the field. If you’re studying an accredited or recognised engineering course, you’re eligible to join as a student engineer.

If your qualification is from overseas, you might also be able to join through mutual recognition agreements.