Most Influential Australian Engineers

Below is a list of some of the most influential engineers in Australia in 2007

Martin Betts, 46

Dean of Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Civil engineer, Reading University, UK

David Skellern, 56

Chief Executive Officer of National Information and Communications Technology Australia (NICTA), Sydney

Electrical engineer, Sydney University

Geoff Garrett, 59

Chief Executive of CSIRO, Canberra

Metallurgist, Cambridge University, UK

Tamarapu Sridhar, 57

Dean of Engineering at Monash University, Melbourne

Chemical engineer, Madras University, India

Paul Greenfield, 60

Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland

Chemical engineer, University of NSW

Geoff Stevens, 52

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President of the Academic Board at the University of Melbourne

Chemical engineer, RMIT

Gregory Hancock, 59

Dean of Engineering and Information Technologies at the University of Sydney

Structural engineer, Sydney University

Elizabeth Taylor, 52

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Health at Central Queensland University

Civil engineer, University of NSW

Archie Johnston, 54

Dean of Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney

Civil engineer, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Ian Young, 50

Vice-Chancellor and President of Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne

Civil engineer, James Cook University, Townsville

Anthony Lucey, 51

Dean of Engineering at Curtin University, Perth

Mechanical engineer, Cambridge University, UK

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